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Structural Thermal Bridging Solutions and Thermal Break Design from Armatherm™  Minimizing energy loss and improving building envelope performance Structural Thermal Bridging Solutions Thermal Break Design Thermal bridging has been recognized as a significant factor in building envelope heat loss. Armatherm™ thermal break materials have low thermal conductivity and high strength and have been designed and tested to prevent thermal bridging.

 Armatherm™ thermal bridging solutions can be used anywhere a penetration or transition exists in a building envelope creating a thermal bridge. Armatherm™ structural thermal break materials minimize heat loss at balcony, canopy, parapet, masonry shelf angle and cladding connections.Armatherm™ pioneers in Thermal Bridging solutions minimize energy loss every day. Thermal bridges are highly conductive structural elements that create heat transfer between the exterior and interior of the building thermal envelope. Thermal bridging occurs through any material that is more conductive than the insulation surrounding it. The conductive heat transfer due to thermal bridging has been recognized as a considerable factor in building envelope heat loss.Thermal bridging through steel and concrete structures can therefore have a significant impact on a building’s energy performance. Thermal bridging can reduce the R value of a wall assembly by as much as 50% by interrupting continuous insulation. Reducing heat flow through a building’s thermal envelope reduces energy consumption as well as potential condensation issues. To achieve higher R values, thermal bridging and air leakage must be minimized.

Polymet Industries LLC  in UAE  is the one and only premier manufacturer of Elastomeric Bridge,  Structure Bearing System, Mechanical Bearing Systems, such as Mechanical Pot Bearings, Spherical Bearings for Bridges and buildings  LRB – lead rubber bearings  for Metro Rail system, elevated highways. Our business model is driven by technological progress and improvisation to customer needs, special designs, custom designs and long service life expectancy which is essence of construction requirements, so we  present Armatherm™ to Middle East construction Industry .
Polymet has been working for the past  years with Armatherm™ supporting and complementing in Projects in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Contact us with your Project requirements and details  For more technical details Armatherm can be contacted directly at Armatherm UK Office   also.
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