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Spherical Bearings

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Spherical steel bearings offered by consists of a  top plate, convex middle plate concave base plate , where convex middle plate and two PTFE plates of different composition where concave spherical in the base plate, and the PTFE plate between them. Beam rotation through spherical surfaces and PTFE plate sliding; stainless steel plate on  top plate and another PTFE plates on  intermediate steel plate perform the second sliding surface, realized beam stretching displacement produced by temperature factors spherical bearing transfers force reliably and rotates smoothly. Spherical bearings can be designed for great bearing capacity, large displacement, and it has  following advantages:

Spherical bearing transfers force through spherical surface, so no contraction of force will occur, and reacting force on concrete pier will be relatively even. Spherical bearing rotates through sliding of  spherical PTFE plate, requiring  less turning moment, which can be  related to  radius of  spherical face but not subject to  turning angle of  bearing, makes it suitable for large turning angles, even may be 0.05rad or more. Turning of spherical bearing is consistent in all directions makes it suitable for wide and curve bridges.
 Advantage of spherical bearings is its capability to accommodate higher rotational values .
Most important design advantage is that as no elastomer rubber part is used in spherical  bearing, there are no issues  of rubber aging affecting the bearing rotation, makes spherical bearing suitable for cold areas and areas where periodic painting is difficult – like walk ways in a chemical plant, refinery, or mooring points in a Oil berth. 
Like steel pot bearings, spherical bearings are also available as Fixed , directional and unidirectional with reacting vertical forces  from 1000 kN to 20000kN with  turning angle: 0.01,0.015 and 0.02rad wide displacement up to 150 mm.
Higher grades of mild steel is normally used while for oil refinery and offshore platforms  Stainless steel grades of 304 and 316 are also  where corrosion protection and maintenance free is highly  priority. 
Spherical Bearing Load Calculation and design – 
on receipt of load schedule, through the form in our contact page we will verify load schedule for your requirements of steel pot bearings and will recommend right type and size of bearing meeting parameters compared to AASHTO LRFD.
Our Engineering team will provide you with complete assistance for installation of spherical  steel   bearings  for all bridge bearing applications. Spherical bearing offered by as are 100% manufactured in UAE Dubai not imported or manufactured from a 3rd world country like many.